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All Saints - Ladies Group
Ladies Group at All Saints Church, Burbage
01672 810853

A brief explanation; we are a self appointed committee, made up of ladies who have a faith in Jesus/God, attend All Saints church in Burbage, and are responsible to the Leadership of All Saints.   

The committee was formed some time ago at the prompting of a couple of ladies, by God, to do something for other ladies of our faith and church and indeed those in the community of which we are a part.   The current committee consists of:  Joyce Kennington, Heather Moore, Kay Francis, Val Nelson Piercy, Sue Goalby, Linda Dytham and Mrs Glenda Pearce. 

None of us has a particular role, more a case of all ‘mucking’ in together to do whatever is required, and sharing ideas as God leads us. Do you have a heart for Women’s Ministry?  Bursting with enthusiasm to get involved in some way? Is God calling you to service in this way? Then please let us know, we would love you to join us.

Even if you do not feel called to be part of the committee we would like from you some ideas, feedback as to whether you’d like the breakfasts to continue, we aim to do 3 per year? 

Traditionally the breakfasts have been held in March, July and November.  We have also had weekends away, one in Gloucestershire and one in Devon.  Where a group of us stayed away from home for a weekend, walked, talked, shopped! And listened to speakers we’d ask to come to teach us more of God.  We have also had a pudding evening  and some of us have taken trips to New Wine Women’s’ events too.

 Are there other events you’d like?  Teaching?  Encouragement? Prayer time?  What would you like? 

Please let us know, we really need your ideas and feedback.

Latest News & Diary of Events





The All Saints’ Church Ladies Group will be spending a weekend based at the Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing From 22nd – 24th April 2016.

We will be relaxing, taking time out from our busyness, enjoying the countryside, each other’s company and God.The cost is £140 per person to include all meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunch
If you would like to join us please contact: Janet 810839, Joyce 870478, Val 514254 or Eileen 810296

Ladies Breakfast



Ladies Breakfast in the Church Centre on Saturday 7th June 2014

Following a delicious breakfast, Community Development Co-ordinator for the Salisbury Diocese and Mothers' Union Project officer, Joanne Triffitt, gave a fascinating insight into the work she is currently doing in local senior schools.

Joanne heads up a project which gives students the opportunity to look after a virtual baby at home for a weekend. The babies are programmed to cry when they need feeding, a nappy change or winding, and don't settle until the task has been fulfilled (and this goes on through the night of course!). Before taking a virtual baby home, students are involved in discussions on parenting, relationships, work and home life, and the choices they face in modern society. The students are all linked with a volunteer support worker throughout the weekend who they can call if they have any real issues.

After their weekend experience, the students give feedback, which Joanne says varies enormously, but some comments received recently have included, "I learned what hard work it really is, with sleepless nights and stressful days!" One girl who had previously said she would like to become a mother at 17, changed her mind after her weekend with a virtual baby and said "I don't want to have a baby for at least five years."

Joanne brought along five virtual babies for the ladies to have a practice with – fortunately, Joanne was also able to stop them crying, from her computer!

The computer programmed virtual babies which cost around £800 each are financed by the Salisbury Diocesan Mothers' Union through fundraising and voluntary donations.



Ladies Breakfast 14th September 2013

On a very busy morning in September, the Ladies group held a breakfast in the church centre with a speaker from the Trussell Trust.

A gentleman called Richard Parsons came and spoke to all those who came about the work of the Trussell Trust foodbank. We all thought that Richard was very brave coming to talk to a room full of women! His talk was very informative and thought provoking as he gave details of how the Trust started and how much it has grown, particularly since the recession started some 3 years ago. We were pleased to send Richard on his way with lots of goodies for the Trust, thanking him for his time and effort.




Ladies Breakfast 11th May 2013

We broke with our usual 9am start and decided, by popular demand, to try a "brunch" style ladies meeting instead.

We met at 11am in a hall beautifully decorated for summer and thankfully the sun did shine, which brought out about 36 ladies to enjoy breakfast. Instead of the usual healthy fruit we treated ourselves to a "bacon butty" with lashings of fresh coffee and home-made muffins.

Daile Wilshire, our vicar, kindly came to share stories of from her own journey of faith. She talked about the various roles that each of us, as women, have and brought a fantastic visual aid – a huge case of white loo rolls!

Each of her stories resonated with us as women on a walk with Jesus, and it was so encouraging to hear her talk not just as a vicar, but as a wife and a mum too.

Daile then gave each of us a loo roll to take away with a sticker on it reminding us that we are loved by God.

By Val Nelson Piercy


Ladies Breakfast 2nd March 2013

Visit of Mary Paisey from Salisbury Women's Refuge

Ladies Breakfast, All Saints BurbageMarch 2nd 2013

We were delighted to welcome the Chair of the Womens' Refuge in Salisbury, Mrs Mary Paisey who came to talk about her work and the role of the Refuge. We began the morning enjoying some social time over a delicious breakfast, good coffee and warm croissants. People coming to the Breakfast were asked to donate some cleaning products as these are always gladly received at the Refuge, and make a huge saving on their financial resources. Most who came generously donated many items and we were able to send Mary away with a huge car full of stuff.

Mary shared some shocking statistics regarding the reasons why the Refuge remains such an important shelter. It is open 365 days a year, being staffed 24 hours a day. We live in a society where 1 in 4 women will experience some form of domestic violence in their lives. Two women per week are murdered in this country, and 60% of all domestic violence is witnessed by the children.

The Refuge started back in 1984 by a lady called Jane Aston who had the initial idea. The building was donated by the Salisbury Diocese and is being used rent free. It was first staffed by volunteers and a loan of £100, now it is a thriving business. The home has 12 rooms and these are usually occupied for most of the time. The longest a family can stay is for one year, but usually they are re-housed and sometimes they go back to extended family or friends.

Mary was incredibly vibrant in her retelling of various stories and many people were keen to ask lots of questions. This was a very interesting talk yet probably the most difficult to comphrehend. We were grateful to Mary for sharing the story of the Refuge and educating us in how we can support it in 2013.

Ladies Breakfast 24th November 2012

On a cold and foggy November morning 30+ Ladies came along to the church centre to hear Deborah and Rachel of the Mustard Seed, the Christian Book and Coffee shop in Marlborough share something of their story with us.

We heard how both ladies came to faith, both in very different ways, how their journey’ had brought them both together, in the context of playing squash to start and how together, as their friendship developed and grew, so did their faith and out of that came the vision for the Mustard Seed.

The Mustard Seed has been in business now for over 20 years.  Starting very small, with a spot at the  closed church at the bottom end of Marlborough High Street, they moved after 7 years, to the premises they now have, after much negotiation and discussion.  Initially, all run by 4 volunteers, over time, all of this has changed and Deborah and Rachel have needed to become more commercially aware and astute and also change the way they conduct the business.

It was fascinating to hear how they have had to adapt and how they are continuing to adapt as the market for books, CD’s, cards, gifts and drinking coffee changes rapidly.  When they first started they were one of only 2 or 3 coffee shops in Marlborough.

Throughout this, they have kept their vision, and their friendship, no mean feat in today’s world.  They have found that continued prayer, support of each other and talking through issues has been critical to them.  They need continued support from all of us and all the local churches in the area too.

Please support them when buying your Christian books, CD’s and materials and when popping in for a coffee!


Ladies Breakfast 22nd September 2012

Click Here to listen again to Sarah Musgrave who gave her her own personal Testimony and Journey of faith

Ladies Breakfast 19th May 2012

On a lovely morning in May over 35 women came to share in a continental breakfast at the church centre and listen to Shirley Tawney share her journey of faith with us.

The title of Shirley's talk was 'perseverance'. Shirley used the following verses to accompany her talk:

Faith Brings Joy

5 Therefore, since we have been made right in God's sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us. 2 Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God's glory.

3 We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. 4 And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. 5 And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

Shirley spoke very movingly of her own problems, trials and tribulations, during those times, the words of the above verse serve to remind her and now us, that in those times God is producing perseverance, character and hope within us.

Verse 3 challenges us to rejoice in those times, which Shirley, and lots of us, struggle with. To help our understanding Shirley shared a commentary with us:

'We rejoice in our sufferings not because we like pain or indeed that we deny its tragedy... rather because God's promise is that He will use these difficulties to develop our character.'

The problems that we run into will develop our perseverance, which in turn will strengthen our character and deepen our trust in God and therefore give us greater confidence about the future.

Of her own situation, Shirley said that God did not change her circumstances, but he did demonstrate his involvement in them. He did not remove Shirley and her family from their trials, but 'shouted' his commitment to them, whilst they remained in them. He did this through friends and through acts of extraordinary generosity. God wanted them to stay in that place for a reason and a season.

In conclusion, Shirley and her family are able to identify with the Apostle Paul's words in the passage. Paul is talking about the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit fills our heart with love. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit living in us as Christians that we can know how much God loves us and it is this knowing that helps us to persevere in our trials and tribulations, which builds character and gives rise to hope.

We wish to thank Shirley for being so honest and vulnerable with us and for sharing her story with us. We were all inspired and moved.

Thank you Shirley.

Ladies Day with Bryony Springate at Harnhill, 26th May 2012

'Releasing your potential'

On this gloriously sunny and warm day a group of 9 of us travelled from Burbage to Harnhill to enjoy a day in each other's company, and to listen to Bryony Springate, wife of the warden of Harnhill, a Christian Healing Retreat near Cirencester.

We were challenged to see what traps us, what stops us firing on all cylinders and to see how we could be set free to realise all that God has for us.

During the day, Bryony used many passages from Scripture as examples of what to do and what not to do!

We started the day being reminded that we have been raised with Christ and we are to set our hearts on things above, where Christ is seated.

We were taught about how emotional and spiritual wounds can be inflicted or even inherited. We can be our own worst enemies at times, trusting in a false perception of ourselves, as given to us by others, not God. We can be impatient, wanting to see situations resolved, without waiting for God to bring about his plan. Being patient can be very difficult at times!

Bryony used the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar to illustrate this. Using Ishmael and Isaac to illustrate how we have choices in our actions and our behaviours and how we can choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem. With these 2 brothers, rejection had a very powerful hold, as it does with people who experience it; to some degree, we all do! This story was also an illustration of the consequences of our mistakes too. Human nature dictates that often we will see the bad in a situation and not the good, or remember only the bad, not the good.

God is here to work for the good in those bad places; we have to choose to let him. Trust Him to change our attitudes to our self and to others.

We were encouraged to examine what our own view of our selves is, given what might have been said to us by parents, other family members, teachers, friends and so on. We looked at where those things said might hold us 'captive', how does that fit with what God says about who we are?

In 1 John 1 v9, the Bible says that we are' ransomed, healed, restored and forgiven'. We need to remember all the good things that God has done for us, all the blessings, healings, lessons, provision, grace and forgiveness. As humans we tend to impose limits on God, not the other way round.

In endeavouring to move forward we're reminded that 'failure is a bridge to success' and is more often an opinion, not an event. Success comes through failure, we're to remember that and to stop looking back and to press on.

Ultimately, we were challenged to look to God, for his inspiration, his will for our lives, to seek his view of us, to seek his healing and to leave all those things that hinder us at the Cross.
We all left feeling challenged, tired and ready for a cream tea and some retail therapy too, at the local garden centre!

Ladies Breakfast

Church Centre, 26th November

On a cold and chilly November morning, some 65 ladies came along to the church centre to hear Frederique Green talk about her time with the Amish.

Frederique spent some time with the Pennsylvanian Amish during July/August of this year and was inspired and encouraged by her time spent with them.  There is so much to say about the morning, it’s quite difficult to précis it down1

Normally a closed community, they welcomed Frederique and were open and honest with her about their lives with her during her stay.

As Frederique had a hire car, she had the pleasure of driving some of the Amish around their town and their local businesses.

Their lives differ quite considerably from ours, they choose to take what the Bible says literally and consequently dress very simply and modestly, the ladies wearing bonnets to cover their heads. 

They live and work very much together as a community and as a family, with young people learning to work along side their parents, in the house and boys with their fathers in their family business, quite often, carpentry and farming.  The Amish young people have very clear boundaries and know what is required of them from a very early stage.  Smacking is allowed until a child is 3 years old, thereafter it is not necessary as the children understand what is the correct way to behave and so behave in that manner. 

The entire community lives without the ‘benefit’ of lots of modern technology which we take for granted and can’t imagine how we would live without.  Any electricity is taken from their own generators, as they take very seriously the words of the Bible, that they are not to conform to the patterns of this world.  So there are no mobile phones allowed, no computer games, Wii, X-Box, Nintendo, no i-Pad’s, no televisions and most have phones which are outside of the house, so that calls are made out of necessity, not for idle chatter, which could lead to gossip.

They have no shouting within their families and communities, preferring to deal with any disagreement by negotiation.  Elders and other family members support their families in times of domestic disagreement, encouraging families to work things out and stay together. 

Some of these things seem very attractive to us!  We’d like to extend our thanks to Frederique for speaking with us in such an engaging way, we were all touched by how the Amish live and the things that we could take from them that would make a difference in our lives.  A retiring collection was taken for the Alabare Charity, for homeless people in Salisbury, of £130.00.


24th September

A group of Ladies from within All Saints church organises a number Ladies breakfasts a year.  The idea of these breakfasts is to share how God may have worked/moved at any given period in our lives, or indeed, during the whole of our lives to date.  In sharing our stories we hope to encourage each other in our faith, our Christian walk, to inspire each other to persevere as we face times of trouble and strife and challenge, to give praise when all is well!

On the 24th September, some 40+ ladies, met at 9am to enjoy a continental breakfast, warm croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche and hot coffee!  The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. We had the pleasure of a talk from Val Nelson Piercy, who has been coming to All Saints for some 5 years now.   Val has 3 sons, aged 11, 13 and 15 and lives in Marlborough.

Val shared with us a particularly difficult time, when whilst staying with family, her eldest son, Harry, had gone missing.  The family had a swimming pool and after much searching, Val’s brother in law found Harry, under the cover of the pool, at the bottom.   It was estimated that Harry had been at the bottom of the pool for 7 minutes.  Val’s family carried out resuscitation at the poolside, whilst medical help was sought and then spent the rest of the evening in A & E, it looking very likely that Harry would be lost.  Harry was unconscious for some time and did survive, when he woke, it was clear that he had suffered brain damage.

As Val talked us through the events of that time, she shared with us her emotions, hopes and her prayers whilst this trauma was going on. How Val had wanted God to intervene and what action Val had asked God for.  Well, God did answer Val’s prayers, but not in the way that Val had asked him to.

Had God answered as Val had prayed at that time, Harry would not be with us now.  God had other plans, and Harry is now 15 years old, and after a long time of recovery, God has performed a miracle.  This has been an ongoing miracle, with change happening gradually and sometimes not noticeably.  During this time, Val’s faith has been strengthened.  Harry is able to attend a normal school and can pretty much lead a normal life.

Val’s experience raised questions of us such as; ‘Does God answer our prayers?’ ‘How does God answer our prayers?’ ‘Do we trust that God knows best, his plan is best?’ ‘Are miracles and healings instantaneous?’ Very often we think we know best and have difficulty trusting God, which gave way to lots of discussion following Val’s talk.

We’d like to thank Val, for having the courage to speak with us.  Thank you for encouraging us to trust God more, to acknowledge that he knows best, and sharing with us a miracle that is still unfolding.

2nd April

A group of Ladies in the church organises 3 Ladies breakfasts a year. The idea of these breakfasts is to share how God may have worked/moved at any given period in our lives, or indeed, during the whole of our lives to date. In sharing our stories we hope to encourage each other in our faith, our Christian walk, to inspire each other to persevere as we face times of trouble and strife and challenge, to give praise when all is well!

On the 2nd April, some 30+ ladies, met at 9am to enjoy a continental breakfast, warm croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche and hot coffee! We had the pleasure of a talk from Liz Leigh Hunt, the Vicar's wife! Liz has been resident in Burbage for some 37 years and may be known to many of you as the Community Nurse. Liz has not always been married to the Vicar! Liz took the time to share with us the story of her life, how her faith has held her in times of great tragedy and how her journey has brought her to where she is now. Some of Liz's story was a revelation to those who have come to know her quite recently. For others, it was a journey down memory lane, as emotions and memories of a less happy time came flooding back.

We were reminded that even in times of adversity God journeys with us, at the time it might not always feel like that and we might struggle to see where God is, or is leading us. We were also reminded that God has his own plan and will work all things out for his good. Even though we may stand there and say, 'no surely not God, you can't mean this?' If it does not fit with our own ideas and plans!

We'd like to thank Liz, for taking the courage to speak with us, as we know you prefer not to address audiences in this way! Thank you for being vulnerable, courageous and sharing your story with us!

Ladies Group Pudding Evening

We enjoyed some wonderful puddings at the Pudding Evening last month held in the Church Centre by the
"Time 4 U Ladies".  The room was totally transformed by candlelight and soft music.
 We were served by our hostesses in matching lace trimmed pinnies and encouraged to return for as manyrefills as we wished.  The temptation was certainly there! 

A table quiz followed – modesty prevents me from naming the winning table – and chocolates to the victors (why worry about calories at this stage!)
The surprise speaker was Justin, estate agent turned priest, and what a wonderful surprise!  He spoke about his faith his life in the form of an interview and was a delight to listen to.  Thank you so much to all who worked extremely hard to make a most enjoyable evening.
On the subject of puddings, we are hoping to publish a pudding book as a sort of sequel to the Soups for Sharing that was so brilliantly put together and such a sell out last year.  Money raised to go to the HIV/AIDS Appeal.
Please would you therefore send your favourite/handed down/time-honoured/family pudding recipes to the Editor or post through the letter box of 16 Taskers Lane (e-mailing is preferred if you can).  Please do not send recipes copied from published sources.  We are after a range of puddings, from dinner party desserts to traditional to everyday, frugal, decadent, easy, show-off, hot, cold, iced, healthy or not.  If possible say how many they serve.  We need them as soon as possible.  Thank you very, very much.

Helen & Steve Colling


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