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All Saints, Burbage

Team Vicar - Vacancy
01672 811441

email: churchofficeburbage

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Mrs Janet Hartwell
Tel: 01672 810839

Mrs Thelma Henderson
Tel: 01672 810199

For all enquiries please contact one of the Churchwardens

Mrs Glenda Pearce

Parish Administrator
All Saints Church Office
01672 810853

email: churchofficeburbage

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All Saints Burbage - Rota's List

On this page you will find links to the rota's for the various jobs and activities that are required for the smooth running of the Sunday morning services. Please ensure that you arrange to swop with someone else on the list if you are unable to do your allocated day.

‘We really appreciate all of you who are on the rota and give your service and gifts to the Lord and our church in this way.  All of you help tremendously in the life and  smooth running of our church, without you, it would be very difficult to run all the services as well as we do.  We value you enormously!  We would welcome other members of our church body on to these rota’s too!  Please let Debbie know if you would like to serve God in this way!  Thank you all!’

Click on the date to view each rota

Sunday Morning Tea & Coffee, General Duties, Chalice & Lay Leaders Rota

Fill The Gap
Mid-Week Refreshments
fill the gap






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