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All Saints, Burbage

Team Vicar - Vacancy
01672 811441


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Mrs Janet Hartwell
Tel: 01672 810839

Mrs Thelma Henderson
Tel: 01672 810199

For all enquiries please contact one of the Churchwardens

Mrs Glenda Pearce

Parish Administrator
All Saints Church Office
01672 810853

email: churchofficeburbage

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All Saints Burbage - Youth Work



Kids Church (4 to 11 yrs)

Kids Church


Heidi Gorvin 07748 183125 

What is PowerPack all about?

 Fun times...
 Watching animated videos
 Discussing stories
 Doing crafts and activities
 Playing British bulldogs
Camping out with Dads...

Whilst learning about God...

 Who is he?
 What role can he play in our lives?
 Why should we explore God and Jesus?
 What does knowing him mean?
 Understanding that there is more to life
    than...(ToysRus, Computer games, mobile     phones, Pokemon etc)
 Learning about history
 Discovering how people in the developing
    world live their lives

Friends and heroes...

 Telling the bible stories through the eyes of     Macky...
 But on a DVD...
 In a fun and entertaining way
 Bringing some of those great stories (ie
    Daniel and the Lions) to life...
 Helping us to learn how Jesus and his followers     lived...

Click Here
to see a presentation that Powerpack did for Burbage Primary School

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