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Amabel Hermione Elizabeth Baring was baptised on July 13th 2008

The funeral of Humphrey Wood took place on August 13th 2008


The funeral of Nora Greenhill took place on March 10th 2009

Max William Campbell Wheeler was baptised on June 14th 2009

The marriage of Nicola Kent to Caspar Dunstan took place on Saturday 28 July 2009

Hester Alexandra Sally Campbell was baptised on 13 September 2009

The funeral of Hilda Banyard took place on August 27th 2009


Cecilla Mabel Jocelyn Brooke was baptised on 30 May 2010

Elizabeth Shamsa Owen was baptosed on 4 July 2010

The marriage of Adele Drifall to Kieron Cleary took place on Saturday 21st August 2010

Jessica Olivia Cherry was baptised on 17 October 2010

Xanthe Helen Alexandra Baring was baptised on 24 October 2010


The funeral of Cecil Hoare took place on January 26th 2011

The marriage of Sarah Pace-Balzan to Jethro Marriage took place on Saturday 10 September 2011

Florence Coco Olivia Barnes was baptised on 18 September 2011








































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